I'm not a nail tech. I have no training. I know my nails aren't perfect. But I do my nails for me and just have fun with it. I don't update as often as I should. But I always have polish on. I usually wear it for 3 or more days at a time.
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

*Again, the Canadian thing. Sorry.

I wasn't sure how to take this prompt...
I've mentioned that I am an avid hockey fan, so I'm finishing up my 31 day challenge with some Hockey nails.

My favourite team is the Montreal Canadiens, their graphics this year is black and white and the logo in colour. I did these nails for the inter-squad game they hosted the day before the pre-season kicked off [pre-pre-season!?]. I did the newsprint nails and free handed the logo. You can see my inspiration here.
Also as you can see I did both hands, even though I don't always show both hands, they are usually the same.

That concludes my 31 days. Did I pass at least half of the days?!

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