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Friday, June 15, 2012

LA Kings - holo

OK, so I haven't done a post every week like I said I would. I'm sorry.
But I finally got my hands on some linear hologram polishes!! ...I regret not getting the silver though. oh well. They don't look like much in the bottle but boy do they shine on the nails!

With the purple holo I did LA Kings nails!! this was before they won the Cup! [I actually think these caused a bit of a jinx, cuz they didn't win a game while I had these on my nails. :S and yes I had picked them to win, see my post about that on my other blog here and if you are hockey fan this is my feeling after they won]
Without further ado my Kings nails!! I should note that if the Kings had of won while I was sporting [see what I did there haha] these I would have drawn on a little Stanley Cup, but alas it didn't happen.

I used Wet n Wild Buffy the Violet Slayer under Layla 04 Ultra Violet. I used Joe Fresh Tin for the crown, the black is just a nail art black and the tips/glitters on the crown is a franken I made. [I think it was a Wet n Wild silver sparkle, I forget the name, that had a holo effect and I added bigger holo glitters.]

And in direct sun!! 

I realize they aren't perfect but I was happy with hope they turned out. I hope you like them too!