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Sunday, May 20, 2012

What's cookin'?!

This is my entry for Copy That, Copy Cat's 'What's Cookin'?!" nail art contest.

The theme is BBQ/picnic.

My thumb is BBQ, a hamburger on my index, my middle finger is a picnic blanket with 'ants', flames on my ring finger and watermelon slice on my pinkie.

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. Obviously I can't draw straight lines, but I'm really happy with he hamburger and the flames.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Flowers on a gradient

This is my entry for Nails by Kayla Shevonne's nail art contest. I'll admit, I'm not very good at drawing flowers. But when I had this green and purple gradient I thought it would look good with a flower, so I gave it a shot.
Without further ado:

For this look I used the following colours.
The gradient was You Belong to Me by Essence and Buffy the Violet Slayer by Wet n' Wild and on the ring finger, Prima Gloss Silver by Orly.

For the flowers I used Porcelain Party by Maybelline, Orange by Joe Fresh, Wanna be your sunshine by Essence, with a bit of Finger Paints' Sparkle top coat.

And the leaves are Re-fresh Mint and Holly-day by China Glaze.

After painting my nails the light teal, I used a sponge to make the purple gradient. I painted right on the sponge. It seems to use more polish that way but I was really happy with how it turned out.
For the flower on the ring finger, I painted the on a sandwich bag. I hope it's not considered cheating. I just would not have been able to paint them directly on my nail. I painted the leaves first and then added the white, the orange and then the yellow. I wasn't happy at that so I added the sparkles. On the other fingers I added the dots with a straight pin.

I hope you like these.

ps. I am going to try to post weekly. I just went through and sorted all the pics I have and I have done some cute manis, I would love to share. So I just have to get my butt in gear! haha

Friday, May 4, 2012

Habs Nail Art

Not only am I known for my nail art, but I am also known as a hockey fan, so it didn't take long for me to merge the two. My favourite team is the Montreal Canadiens, aka the Habs. I've done a few different Habs nails since I started doing nail art, but here are my latest ones.

I met up with some other Habs fans at a few tweetups recently and I 'sported' these nails to the first one. 

They were super simple to do. I just painted my nails white then sponged on red and navy. I kind of cheated on the Habs logo, I put clear polish on a plastic bag, let is dry. Then I used a black gel pen to draw the logo, let it dry then added clear over top. As you can see it crackled a bit. After I let it dry for half an hour or so I carefully peeled it off the bag and since I had a lot of clear polish, I cut around the logo. I put a small spot of clear polish on my nail and added top coat. Simple as that!

This is the other look I wore for another tweetup. For the "HABS" I just a nail art pen and carefully got all the letters on the nail. Here's a tip, I started in the middle of the word, so the B and A to make sure all the letters would fit.

My right hand. I used the same nail art pen and put the number 51 for my favourite player!

bonus pic:
These ones didn't last long. I had decided that I was gig to paint my nails for the Stanley Cup playoffs, I fully intended to paint all the teams in the playoffs. However, I don't have all the right colours, brushes, etc to do them. Plus as I found out here, with the Nashville Predators, it's hard to draw some of the logos! but this Stanley Cup turned out pretty cute, so I am glad I took a a picture of it. I also may have spelt PREDS, PEDS :S so that just wasn't going to last! haha
Depending on who makes it to the finals I might re visit the idea of painting NHL nails, before the summer.