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Thursday, July 26, 2012

One Direction nails

One Direction celebrated their 2nd birthday on Monday, so I painted my nails to reflect the boys'  individual styles.
There are lots of different tutorials out there but I was inspired by this one. [If you have no idea who One Direction is, she talks a little bit about them in the tutorial but I will do a little recap at the end of this post.] I used that tutorial but I changed it up a bit.

Here is the look I came up with:
My thumb represents Zayn's varsity jacket, index is Liam's plaid, middle is a suit jacket for Harry, Louis' stripes on my ring finger and a red polo for Niall on my pinkie.

Here are a few of he differences that I did.

I added blue to Liam's plaid.

For Louis' stripes I only did navy stripes, I've seen in him in shirts with only blue stripes, but I didn't have a red polish with a striper brush, I didn't have a blue one either.  I painted the whole nail white and added then painted navy on about 3 quarters of it after it dried I added white over top to make the stripes.

And for Niall I painted a red polo instead of a hoodie, because I've seen him in polos more than hoodies. For that nail I painted it red and used a burgundy for the collar, added the small white dots for the buttons. And used a bit of blue for the polo thing on the side [I know it's too big and out of place, but I am ok with it].

I found a picture of them wearing almost the same outfits as I have on my nails. They wore them on tour, the bottom picture is from their last show of the tour, they switched outfits. haha [I wish I had found this pic before I would have done Harry's nail differently, with the white shirt under the jacket.]
I have to start by saying this: I am a fan of the group, but I doubt that I will ever buy tickets to see them in concert and I would not sit out all night to catch a glimpse of them somewhere. That being said I think they are hilarious [in interviews and videos I've seen] and would be a lot of fun to hang out with. 
So who is One Direction?
One Direction is a British-Irish boy band, made up of 5 boys aged 18-20. They are Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan. They tried out as solo artist on the UK's X-Factor in 2010, they made it through bootcamp but were not selected to advance. They were told that they would not advance as solo artists but before they headed home the judges decided to put them together as a group [on July 23, 2010] and send them to the Judge's House. Obviously they jumped at the opportunity to continue on the show. They didn't make it to the final, finishing 3rd. But in January 2011 Simon Cowell offered them a recording contract. Since then they have gone on the X-Factor tour, recorded and released their first album, headlined a north American tour and have started recording their 2nd album which they are planning to release before christmas this year [they also received some awards and their song 'What Makes You Beautiful' has hit #1 in several counties]. They also have announced a world wide tour for 2013, which already has sold out shows!! 
You can find out more about them here.

Are you a Directioner?! Which boy is your favourite?! Which nail is your favourite?! Let me know in the comments.